At Transportation Risk Management

 We have actual workers compensation policies for your 1099 drivers.


Let’s go over the reasons why that is such a big deal:


      It removes the opportunity for your insurance company to add  them to the motor carrier’s policy at audit time.


      • Unlike Occupational Accident our workers comp policy is truly a sole remedy workers compensation policy so the

        coverage is much richer.


      • Because it is written in the drivers name it helps to further prove that he or she is truly an independent contractor.


      • Our policy is a flat monthly rate with no audits.



In the past in order to get such great coverage you actually had to add the drivers to your W-2 payroll. The problem with that was you also had to start paying FICA, FUTA, and SUTA taxes which adds about 9% to your costs.


Also, the typical workers comp costs can run anywhere from 10% to 14 % of actual audited payroll. So overall the costs of providing true workers compensation coverage would run you around 19% to 23% of the drivers actual pay versus our flat rate per state.


We are located in Macomb County, Michigan but insure 1099 drivers, all throughout the continental USA.



Give us a call at 586-726-7800 and ask for Chris.

Transportation Risk Management has years of experience insuring both personal and business clients. Because of our years in the business of risk management, TRM understands that each client, while similar in their desires to be covered correctly, all have some type of exposure that is unique to them. That is why we take the time to understand those unique exposures and then offer them

"the right coverage for the right price".


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