Who needs 1099 workers compensation??


While the rules vary per state if you have one full time employee or 2 part time employees there is a very good chance you need workers compensation for your company.


So what is Workers Compensation anyway? Quite simply it is designed to be the only solution for someone who gets hurt while on the job. It is a federal requirement so if you do not have a Workers Compensation policy in force when you are supposed to there are very large fines waiting to be imposed upon you. Large in this case is $1000 per day for not having the correct coverage.



Is this you??


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Transportation Risk Management has years of experience insuring both personal and business clients. Because of our years in the business of risk management, TRM understands that each client, while similar in their desires to be covered correctly, all have some type of exposure that is unique to them. That is why we take the time to understand those unique exposures and then offer them

"the right coverage for the right price".


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